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We are a family owned breeding kennel located in Tupelo, Mississippi.
Striving to breed only quality working dogs, we have chosen only top line male and females from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and the Netherlands. They are suitable for Police, Search and Rescue, Schutzhund, Family Protection and companionship.
We DO NOT handle American line Shepherds, as we feel due to all the inbreeding, the temperament of these dogs are unpredictable. Our puppies are temper tested at six weeks old before leaving our kennel.
breeding program photo 8 We work closely with our veterinarian to ensure that all our dogs are healthy. All our breeding dogs have been x-rayed to ensure that their bone structure is correct and that they are free of hip dysplasia.
Our puppies are not for sale to just anyone! You have to be right for our puppies as well as the puppy being right for you.
All puppies are guaranteed.

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Good afternoon Mr. Dodds,
Attached are pictures of Karma at four months of age. She is such a sweet, happy, puppy and fits in well with our pack! She is also the star of her obedience class; picking up commands and flawlessly executing them with ease. She knows setz, platz, hier, bleib and has intense focus while training. Next we will work on long down say and fuss. My 12 year old son, Aaron, is training her and doing an excellent job! We are working towards her Canine Good Citizen certificate and should have no problems achieving it.
She loves to play with the other puppies in her class and although she is younger and smaller she is fearless. At the end of each class she gets puppy playtime with the others. She came to us with excellent breeding and temperament! I wanted to thank you for pairing us with the perfect puppy for our family. I would absolutely purchase another German Shepherd from your kennel in the future...
Thank you,
Heather, Jason, and Aaron Neumeyer

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