K-9 Guarantee

With one of the best guarantees in the country, if you purchase a K-9 from us and take our Handler Course, we cover 100 percent of all K-9s with a full replacement if the K-9 fails to meet criteria during the first year of service. We will make every effort to fix the problem, but if there is no success the K-9 will be replaced. K-9 Training Center guarantees our K-9s to be free of major medical problems. If the dog develops any medical problems during the first 12 months of purchase and it is determined the problem existed at the time of delivery, the dog will be replaced free. Free re-enforcement training is offered for one year to the handler and the K-9. Yearly re-certification is available after the first year for a nominal fee.

K-9 Death Guarantee

If a K-9 is killed in line of duty protecting you or your family/property and good judgment was used at the time (poor judgment would be such as allowing the dog to run on the highway, etc.), it would be covered under a pro-rate basis.


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