“Pick of the Pack”
We are starting a new training program called “Pick of the Pack”. These are the top dogs of our litters, and you can “reserve” any of these available dogs. They will be fully trained in obedience and protection, and will be ready to go home with you between 12 - 15 months of age. For males, (depending on the level of training and the dog) the prices start at $8,000 and go to $12,500. For females, (depending on the level of training and the dog) the prices start at $12,500 and go to $15,000. This price includes all the training, plus weeks worth of one on one training with you and the trainer. We want to make sure that you are properly trained on how to handle a personal protection dog.

You can choose your future personal protection dogs from the age of 3 months, up to when they have fully completed the training program. Check out to see available dogs in training, or are about to begin their training program.

Our German Shepherd puppies are among the best in the world, with MULTIPLE world champions in their blood line, some being world champions multiple times. Most of what we sell are puppies, but we do have a selection of assorted aged puppies, as well as young adult. These dogs will be sold as is, or with additional training in obedience, or obedience and protection training both. Our dogs easily distinguish themselves as being exceptional dogs. More and more often our dogs are returning for obedience and protection training. We take pride in the fact that we are second to none in the industry.

* Please make note that our preference is to use our own bred dogs for protection and obedience training; however demands far exceed our supply, since 90% of our puppies are sold before they are born. As a result, we don’t have as many puppies as we would like to have for our protection training course, but we are trying to keep select dogs from each litter to be protection candidates or for our breeding program. If you buy from us, we will start your pup at 12 weeks. This will insure that he/she will be a top candidate.

We sell world class dogs; therefore, we do not train dogs for personal protection outside of our breeding program. We breed our dogs precisely and train them precisely. We keep complete control over the process, from preconception till becoming part of your family. There are two options for training: 1) Obedience 2) Obedience + Protection

Our Full Basic Obedience training course, and our Obedience + Protection training course shows you what your dog is capable of. It is your choice if you wish to continue your dog’s training. If you so choose, you can send your dog to K-9 Training Center at the age of 10-12 months, and he/she will need to stay and train for approximately 3 months. (This includes obedience and protection.) If being trained for obedience only, he/she will stay and train for 4-6 weeks, depending on how quick your dog picks up the material. Call the office at 662-553-4199 if you have any questions about this training. We want to provide you with an easy training process that produces a top quality dog.

The price of these dogs that have distinguished themselves as having potential for our breeding program or have received this additional training fall into one of two categories:
  • Obedience only: These dogs are between the ages of 4-12 months old, with all basic commands and recall established.
    • Obedience Trained Dog: $5,000-$7,500, depending on the dog’s sex, size, age, personality, and level of training.
  • Obedience + Protection: These dogs are between the ages of 9-12 months old, with the same obedience as stated above, along with protection work, which includes bite work and situational protection work.
    • Obedience + Protection Trained Dog: $10,000-$12,500, depending on the dog’s sex, size, age, personality, and level of training.

Even though we have the best connections to get dogs from Europe and have them trained here for protection, we have found that the dogs from Europe are lacking. If you want fully titled dogs, we can provide them to you more competitively than anybody else. For non-titled dogs that are obedience and protection trained, we only train dogs that have been bred in our own breeding program. We only deal in the working dog lines. Blood lines are extremely important, and that’s why we have focused on the Ursus von Batu blood lines in our breeding program. This is a very strong blood line, and these pups will train up to be excellent protection/guard dogs.

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