Ronnie Goudy and K-9 Dutch picture

The Murphy's were looking for a family protection dog, and we were able to help them out, and pair them up with Bouris. We imported Bouris from Budapest to be a loyal protector. The family was located in Jackson and they were able to stay in our onsite facilities for a weekend of training. As you can see they have small children, but training was still a breeze. We are always willing to work with you to meet your K-9 needs.

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Ronnie Goudy and K-9 Dutch picture

“On Monday January 28, 2013 I was contacted by Ecru Police Officer Jake Chishlom to come assist him and MDOT officers on a traffic stop with the K-9. MDOT and Ecru PD were conducting routine inspections on 18 wheelers on HWY 15 S in Ecru, MS. While inspecting the 18 wheeler car hauler, there were some indicators that alerted the officers, and they called me to assist with Dutch. I deployed Dutch and he started to search the perimeter of the 18 wheeler. Dutch gave a positive alert on the right rear of the trailer, which gave us a good idea of which vehicle to check. We had the driver of the 18 wheeler to unload the vehicle in question, and I deployed Dutch again, but this time on the suspected vehicle. Dutch gave a positive alert inside the cab of the vehicle. I rewarded him, then continued with the search. He then gave a positive alert on the black tool box in the bed of the truck which was locked and nobody seemed to have a key to it. The driver of the 18-wheeler voluntarily pried open the tool box and inside was a black duffel bag containing 5 large vacuum sealed bags of money. The monetary value was a whopping $646,050.00. Thanks for a job well done Dutch, and thanks to Gary for his hard work in training us. P.S...the hit inside the cab..... Well there was "shake" all in the floor of the vehicle. Thanks again to K-9 Dutch, and Thank you, Gary, for the training. Sincerely,

Deputy Goudy, Ronnie,  Union County Sheriff's Department, K-9 Unit”

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Michael Walker and K-9 Tank picture

“Hey Gary, I love the new trailer you guys have! I received the e-mail and pictures last Thursday. I would like to thank you for all the training you have given me, taking the time and patience to teach me all about K-9 training. Tank and I have been doing very well, we have been finding a lot of narcotics. Tell Tyrone I said, "Hi." If you guys ever need anything, please don't hesitate to call.”

Michael Walker and K-9 Tank

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Ethan Wiggins picture

“Hey Gary, quick update for you. We’ve had another good week this week. Monday night we hit a pretty good marihuana lick. All in all, 2.2 ounces with one bag being an ounce and a second bag having 54 individually packed bags. Tuesday night we responded to a house party and smelled marijuana when we approached the front door...did a search of the interior of the house and Mali found about 30 marijuana plants in a little grow box in the closet of one of the bedrooms, and a bunch of pipes and bongs. Saturday night he made me the proudest though; on a traffic stop he alerted a car and we found one small thumb bag with about 40 dollars of cocaine that the driver had stuck inside a Coca Cola can in the center console. On the first of July, Mali and I got called out by the U.S. Marshals because they had a robbery suspect hemmed up here in town that they had chased into the woods. It wound up turning into a shootout...no officers were injured but the suspect got popped. We’re about to have a big roundup and execute several search warrants on a bunch of our dealers, so hopefully we’ll have some more good news for you soon.”

Ethan Wiggins and K-9 Mali

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Scotty Belue picture

“Top notch! This training goes a little beyond the “Basic” handler course. Very knowledgeable instructors. Great training!
Tracking: Amazing to be behind a dog and putting that much trust in him, that he knows where the good and bad guys have gone and lead you right to them.
Patrol/Bite work: Different. A lot more than expected. It takes a lot of hours to get this right. Not for the dog, for the handler. Very intense.
Drug detection: When I realized I needed to stop competing with Unix, looking for the dog, it started going well. Everyone kept on saying: Watch your dog! I spent a lot of time trying to beat him to it.”

Scottie Belue and K-9 Unix

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Norman Harris picture

"Well first of all the training at the K-9 Training Center is the Best Training I have attended during my career as a K-9 handler. Gary’s theory of training is simple and it is easy to learn. As a prior handler he took me from A to B teaching me the basic steps. While in this class, I saw his ability of knowing how a scent cone operates...he also taught me how to scan and read a dog. Before I came to this class, I have attended several K-9 schools but, this is the best school thus far. I will recommend this class to any one of my fellow law enforcement officers."

Norman Harris and Canine Sig, Vicksburg, MS

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Bradley Hillhouse picture

"This training is great. A great family oriented atmosphere and Gary and Terry are very good trainers. I learned a lot and really enjoyed tracking and area searches. I can’t wait to come back for more training with my dog Glock."

Bradley Hillhouse, Clarksdale, MS

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Jack Buckanan picture

"Received an Intense 5 weeks of training on certification with Janto. Being a previous handler with aggressive alert K9’s in the past it was a big change for me. Janto is an AWESOME dog and Gary has done an excellent job in training him. With Tracking I was one of the skeptics on a lab as a tracker but, I was impressed on how far Janto has come along on trackings and area searches. We have a couple of kinks to work out but that is something that will improve with time and working him in the area that I’ll be in. I believe this was the most intense part but I know I can go longer distances and not breath so hard now on a track. With drug detection I can’t even put in words how good of a drug detection dog Janto is. You have put out an excellent K9 that I can’t wait to go back home and get to work on the streets. This was probably the most concise part of the course in my case because Janto is such a good drug detection dog. Overall an AWESOME dog!!! Couldn’t have made a better choice myself."

Jack Buchanan, Tunica, MS

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Thomas Steenkamp picture

"Gary, I am good, thank you. Still in Iraq. Will be done in November. Still a K-9 handler with Peggy. She is in excellent condition now. I still want to thank you for the training that December, 2004. I compare your training with all the new guys from Ken from the K-9 school and I must say they don't get close to your training program. I have attached one of the latest photos of Peggy Sue, and I believe she can't wait to retire in Nov. She's been here a good while. All of the best. I'll be in touch again."

Thomas Steenkamp, South Africa


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