K-9 Training

Areas of Training:
Bomb Detection / Drug Detection / Dual Purpose
Single Purpose / Patrol / Personal Protection / Tracking
Bomb Detection
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As you know from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the use of explosive devices by terrorists, both foreign and in the United States, are becoming more common in our world today. With bombings and bomb threats, the use of homemade and commercial explosives is on the rise. Bomb detection K-9s give our agencies the capability of rapidly responding to a fast-changing world.
Bomb detection K-9s have an excellent track record and have proven themselves, as evidenced by their current use with police, customs, border patrol, and military. As with all of our K-9s, the bomb detection K-9s are trained to detect varied quantities of explosive agents and to be effective in situations in the U.S. and abroad. Not only are our K-9s trained to detect explosives, but they are also trained to detect explosive residue. Through the training received, these K-9s are also capable of detecting firearms and ammunition that may be concealed in vehicles, lockers, or elsewhere. This added bonus makes these K-9s versatile and effective for any agency.

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Drug Detection
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The K-9 will be trained in on-lead and off-lead control. Handler training will be conducted in pre-set training rooms. As the K-9 and the handler progress, real-life detection scenarios such as vehicles, trailer trucks, boats, warehouses, motel rooms, schools, and open areas will be used. In today's world, drug dealers and couriers use sophisticated methods to conceal and transport a wide array of illicit drugs and money. Drug detection K-9s offer versatility like no other tool in a way that if a new drug becomes popular, then that odor can be added to your K-9 allowing you to respond rapidly to the fast-paced streets. In an effort to assist agencies worldwide, we train our drug detection K-9s to be intense in locating the source of these odors. These detector K-9s are highly motivated K-9s that clearly demonstrate a strong and positive indication. Drug Detection Includes: Marijuana, Hashish, Powder Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Ice, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Heroin, LSD, OxyContin.

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Dual Purpose
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A dual-purpose K-9 is trained on the same odors of a drug detection K-9, but also includes all of the same training for criminal apprehension K-9s plus the tracking work. These K-9s are very effective in settings where a K-9 is needed that can "Do It All".

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Single Purpose
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A single-purpose K-9 is specialized in two forms of detecton: drugs or bombs. This K-9 is for the department or agency that has the need for only one specific task. The same skills are utilized to train these K-9s that are utilized for all other K-9s.

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The K-9 will be trained in advanced on- and off-lead obedience and control.
The K-9 will be trained in agility to enable it to negotiate various obstacles such as fences, ditches, walls, etc., and will also be trained to locate various items such as lost and stolen property, weapons, evidence of crime, etc.
The K-9 will be trained in area search, which is on- and off-lead in restrictive areas for the presence of human odor.
The K-9 will be trained to enter and exit vehicles in various ways and to react to situations and commands, and will be trained to do indoor searches in buildings such as warehouses, houses, schools, and various other buildings.
The K-9 will protect its officer/handler and itself from physical threat, will apprehend on command, release on command, and recall from pursuit on command.
In addition, the K-9 will be trained to guard and escort prisoners.

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Personal Protection
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Personal protection K-9s are designed for families, estates, and businesses. They are social within reason, yet are trained to respond to an aggressor upon command. The K-9 is also trained that any aggressive behavior or intrusion by an unknown person toward the handler or family is cause for a response. These K-9s are very dedicated to their families, just as a police K-9 is to his officer/handler. Personal protection K-9s are carefully selected for family members such as children, the elderly, etc. The specific needs of each family, estate, or business are evaluated and an appropriate K-9 is selected. Normally these K-9s are kept in the home or business or whatever your requirements may be.

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At the K-9 Training Center we know the importance of utilizing highly motivated K-9s in tracking. The K-9 will be trained to track, which is to follow the path of a human on foot upon varying terrains and conditions. We use German Shepards, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepards and Bloodhounds to perform this task. These breeds are trained to apprehend the subject on verbal commands at the end of the track. This gives the officer/handler complete control of the K-9 and the subject. These K-9s can also be used to search for lost persons as well as criminals. Because our tracking K-9s are not trained to bite automatically at the end of a track, they are a more versatile tool for locating lost or missing persons as well as criminals. Our police tracking K-9s move at a swift pace in order to locate the fleeing subject in both urban and rural settings and include variable surfaces. We have the most comprehensive and successful methods of training in the nation.

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K-9s for sale are usually imported from Europe and are typically German Shepards, Belgian Malinois, and Doberman Pinschers; however, these are just a few that can be considered. Complete health exams, vaccinations, and hip x-rays are done on all K-9s. Handler training must be done at our facility and is included in the purchase price.
Handler training may be done by one of our expert trainers on your property for an additional fee plus travel expenses. Our personal protection K-9s are among the best available for the safety and protection of your family, home, or business.
We offer quality K-9s exceptionally trained by dedicated professionals. Our K-9s go through an intensive conditioning and training program initially with specialist trainers, and subsequently with its handler.

Depending on the client's requirements, the training program may include, but is not limited to:
• Advanced obedience and control
• Directed send-out and recall
• Conditioned threat assessment
• House, building, or warehouse search
• Alert on intruder or threat
• Alert on command
• Guard & bark at intruder (without engaging)
• Attack on command
• Release on command
• Vigilance in hostile crowd situations
• Vehicle protection
• Property and estate protection

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