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FULL BITE SUIT .............. $1,198.00

This is a medium/heavy weight suit. It will give you good protection and flexibility without being the uniroyal man. This suit is easy to get off and on. The jacket has hidden front closures; stand up collar and long arms to help protect your hands. The back of the jacket is cut slightly longer than the front to give you extra protection. The pants have padded shoulder straps for comfort. Open waist sides and leg bottoms for easy access. The waist of the pants is adjustable on each side of the pants waist. You will not find another suit of this quality construction for this price. Made in the USA. Your Choice of Size: Medium, Large or Xtra Large. Contact Us for Custom Size.


Our Muzzle Fighting Vest will protect your ribs and upper body. Bull riders, athletics and many other sports have realized the benefit and protection of this type of vest. Muzzle fighting is also practiced in police dog training. Our vest is made not only for protection but comfort. It has a tuff cordura exterior that is easily wiped clean and the interior has a comfortable quilted lining. The arm holes are large enough to give you non restrictive movement. The vest is easy to put on with a front closing zipper.


The hidden sleeve is a light sleeve that is worn under the decoys or trainers jacket. The hidden sleeve is an essential piece of equipment for any person who is doing protection dog or police dog training. This Hidden Sleeve is made with a jute exterior. It is made to form comfortably around your arm and gives your elbow room in its formed shape. You can choose from either Velcro closure or lacing up closure. The gusset of the hidden sleeve is backed by soft non abrasive leather to offer protection and comfort at the same time to the trainer.


Our unique Interchangeable Sleeve System makes having several sleeve choices very affordable. You can purchase any of the four sleeves in this system and then purchase replacement bottom sleeves and use the same leather cuff for all of them. If you are working multiple dogs that are at different bite levels you can use the same cuff and put it on one of the other sleeve bottoms. We build our sleeves with an all leather cuff. Very few sleeves now days have a leather cuff because of not only the price to produce them but the labor to craft them. We use heavy 11 oz. latigo leather that will only get better with age. A leather cuff is more flexible and comfortable to wear. A dog can not bite through this leather cuff. In our Interchangeable Sleeve System the four choices of sleeves are #15-Young Dog sleeve in Jute, #10-Intermediate sleeve in Jute, #19-Young Dog sleeve in Synthetic, and #17-Intermediate sleeve in Synthetic.


Jute Young Dog Sleeve Bottom-For young dogs or green dogs, less thick than intermediate making a softer bite for the dog. Two layers of jute, quilted, hard interior grab handle, leather reinforced seam tabs.
Jute Intermediate Bite Sleeve Bottom-Next step up from the Young Dog Sleeve, much firmer barrel for a harder bite, will take many dogs a long way with this sleeve. Two layers of jute, quilted, hard interior grab handle, leather reinforced seam tabs.
Synthetic Young Dog Sleeve Bottom-For young dogs or green dogs. Synthetic materials give a softer bite and this sleeve is spongy and a good choice for a soft mouth or very young dog. Two layers of synthetic materials, quilted, hard interior grab handle, leather reinforced seam tabs.
Synthetic Intermediate Bite Sleeve Bottom-Next step up from a young dog sleeve. This is a very nice sleeve and also works as a good change to get your dog used to other biting surfaces. Two layers of synthetic materials, quilted, hard interior grab handle, leather reinforced seam tabs.


Our Ambidextrous Bite Sleeve is constructed so it may be worn on either the left or right arm. This is a convenient sleeve for a club to own when it has both left and right handed helpers. The cuff and base of this sleeve are both heavy suede leather. This cuff is designed differently than our other leather cuff so it can be worn on right or left arms. A leather cuff will give you the comfort and ease of working in that a stiff plastic cuff fails to do. We use heavy chap leather suede of the best grade. The barrel of this sleeve has a formed bite bar. Stress points are reinforced and padded for comfort and ease of use. This ambidextrous bite sleeve uses the standard sleeve cover. Sleeve covers sold separately in jute or synthetic.


This leg sleeve comes with an easy grip tubular handle at the top of the sleeve. There are three Velcro closures for easy on and off of this leg sleeve. This leg sleeve offers good protection and resilience it will give you excellent safety while doing decoy work. It is lined, and quilted for strength and comfort.

RED JUTE TUG SET ... $89.99

Our exclusive Red Jute line of tugs are made of a jute that we had specially woven for this purpose. The weave is done in a herringbone pattern. There is a poly core woven throughout the weave making this jute very strong. This line of tugs all have two handles that are thick easy to hold tubular handles. All the edges of this jute are lined and bound for a clean and durable finish. We are featuring this line of tugs with a special sale price, for even bigger savings you can purchase the complete set of four. Four different sizes of tugs are offered in this Red Jute. This product comes with these four sizes, 8"x12" tug with a circumference of 15", 4"x16" tug with a circumference of 9", 5"x20" tug with a circumference of 11", and the 6"x8" tug with a circumference of 13".


This muzzle is a great muzzle for agitation work. It is very comfortable with old world craftsmanship. This is a standard in training around the world.
The nose piece and sides are reinforced to help keep it's shape. This muzzle can be sdjusted from nose to head top and adjustable around neck size.
Comes in two sizes, Small-Malinois and Large-German Shepherd.
We make our muzzles out of heavy 9-11oz. latigo leathers. As always made one at a time in the USA.

BITE SUIT BAG ... $74.99

Equipment bag for bite suit and is large enough to fit a sleeve in with the suit. This is quality made of tough 1000 denier cordura. 2" wide handles. Color is Black.

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